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Rob Sollis contemporary ceramics

Over the last 25 year I've worked as a potter, there have been countless times my life, both professionally and personally has been held afloat through the generosity and kindness of others. As David Townsend and I sit together at his Mac, on yet another purge in the development of my website, the idea of a thanks and credits page is born. So fitting it is, that first and foremost - I would like to thank Dave Townsend for his friendship and hours spent creating and developing my website.

    Mr Tim Rees
    Head of Art Department, St Leonards-Mayfield School
    David Townsend
    Integralvision Creative Director
    Sue and Norman Sollis
    Support and encouragement from the beginning and the Greenwich Market years.
    Ben Irwin Msc
Field Coordinator at SOS Sahel Ethiopia.
Sonja Klaus
Set Decorator on the recent Ridley Scott film Prometheus
    Nan Mcgarry
Friend and Collector
    Daniel, Antonio and Anna
For their work in creating Smille & Wave.
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